Susan Shup is an American artist based in Paris. She mixes personal historical elements with those of art and pop culture, like Rock music and television, to create her witty and vibrant paintings and drawings. Shup’s art has been featured in numerous international publications and has been included in many prestigious private and corporate collections.

 “My work is a kind of ‘painting out loud’. I’ve always written and kept drawing journals and I use this content as iconography. Music, especially Rock, is an important part of my life in the studio, and I like to not only record sound as spoken-word poetry but also to transcribe it directly with paint onto canvas, usually directly from the tube. I use language in my painting in a dada-like “out of context” way, where the words are often treated abstractly rather than as a narrative; it’s about the sound: DA…DA.  But I like telling stories in some of the paintings, and they’re usually stories about artists, or words referencing particular events.

The pop content of some of my work allows me the balance needed to work every day, to render as user-friendly what is essentially serious:  painting.”


  • 2015 'SUSAN SHUP, FROM FREEFORM TO CONTROLLED AND BACK',  Galérie Louis Gendre, Chamalières.

  • 2015 ‘ON SITE IN 16 CITIES’, a group exhibition curated by the Berlin Collective, Cheri, Harlem, New York.

  • 2015 'Une Galérie, un regard – Part III', Galerie Pixi, Paris.

  • 2014 ‘SHUP-UP’ (I love Paris in the springtime)” Galerie Louis Gendre, Paris.

  • 2013 ‘VINTAGE’, Group Show, Michael Woolworth, Paris;  ‘REMADE’;  G Design, Cape Cod.

  • 2012 'Decorex London', Susan Shup paintings at Rabih Hage, Group Show, Rabih Hage, London.

  • 2011 'Back in Belgium Baby', paintings and videos by Susan Shup, Libraire Saint Hubert, Bruxelles, Belgium, 'Ten Years of Collecting', Rabih Hage Gallery, London, Cimaise Jacques Lizène, Passage de Retz, Paris, ACRIA, Miami Basel.

  • 2010 'Dialogue d'Artistes Blanc sur Fond Blanc', Galerie Pixi, Marie Victoire Poliakoff, Paris, 'Mode de Vie+Légèrté', Galerie Celal, Paris.

  • 2009 ‘Painting Out Loud’, New Work by Susan Shup, Rabih Hage. London,  ‘Living with Collectible Design’, London, Rabih Hage, Rabih Hage, London,  Muhka, Anvers, Le(s) moi(s) de Lizène.

  • 2008 SLICK art fair, Miss China Beauty, FIAC, Paris, cimaise Jacques Lizène, Galerie Nadia Vilène, videos: LIVING WITH ART, cimaise Jacques Lizène, Traces du Sacré, Centre Georges Pompidou, Slick Dessin, Paris.

  • 2007 Miss China Beauty, Select 01 - Format A4 in Progress, Miss China Beauty, Select 02 - La mise à poil, Slick art fair, Galerie Pixi, Paris.

  • 2006 Ventilo Galerie, Paris, Susan Shup, « Filles et Garçons ».

  • 2005 Judy Ann Goldman Fine Art Gallery, Boston, Mass., Susan Shup: Les Sirènes, Rabih Hage, London, Two

  • Americans in London; “Land Art” video by Susan Shup, Woodshole Film Festival.

  • 2004 Group, Rabih Hage, London.

  • 2003 La Périphérie, Malakoff , 2 Femmes: Peintures et Objets Dérivés, Black Block, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, You are Great, Le Bon Marché, Paris, Boutique Noel.

  • 2002 Parcours Saint Germain des Près, Dressing Room with Video Sales Artist/Artist Women, Fontenay Sous Bois, Je vois ce que c'est, House and Garden Fair, London, Rabih Hage, London.

  • 2001 La Périphérie, Malakoff, Love Me/Love Me, Art Concept, Paris, Cimaise Lizène.

  • 2000 La Périphérie, Malakoff, Artist Girl(s), paintings and drawings by Susan Shup, L’Euro-Fête, Ville de Liège, World Wild Flags, Drapeaux d’Artistes, Le Lineaire, Romans, Camping 2000, La Périphérie, Malakoff, Mode d’Emploi.

  • 1999 Le Cirque Divers, Liège, Belgique.

  • 1998 Judy Ann Goldman Gallery, Boston, Kind of Blue, Centre D’Art Contemporain de Rueil-Malmaison, États de Rire, Espace Renaudie, Aubervilliers, Ephémeres I, Videos D’Artistes.

  • 1997 Colette, Paris, You Are Great, et Stupid Jerk.

  • 1996 Judy Ann Goldman Gallery, Boston, Summer Idylls.

  • 1995 Musée D’Art Moderne de Liège, Belgique, Retrospective des Artistes du Cirque Divers, Arto, Aubervilliers, Susan Shup Solo.

  • 1994 Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston, Susan Shup, You Are Great!, Galerie du Collège Marcel Duchamp, Chateauroux, Castelroussine, Galerie 15, Paris, Chaises = Sculptures, Astycom, Paris, EST.

  • 1993 Centre Wallon de L’Art Contemporain, La Chataigneraie, Belgique, Tels Qu’elles, les Femmes de la Galerie du Cirque Divers, Galerie Pixi, Paris.


  • Susan Shup’s work is included in a number of notable Private and Corporate Collections including:

  • Fidelity Investments

  • MacAndrews & Forbes

  • Vivendi Universal

  • Gerhard Nikles Collection, Basel

  • DQN Global Capital Partners LLP